Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Home Studio

This is where I do all my freelance work.  I constructed a 2 foot animation light table that has a back-lit disk that rotates on ball bearings and I mounted a 21 inch Cintq on a full range mechanical arm.  I not only draw and paint on the Cintiq digitally but move it over to the drafting board for reference when I'm using my traditional pencil and marker skills.  If I need to work on a large piece of drafting paper I can easily take the animation disk setup off and use the full size drafting board underneath.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


COH2, the game that I created the concept art for at Relic has been announced!  This after some trustworthy fellow leaked a copy of PC Gamer to the world with the game showcased on it's cover.  So far I have been permitted to update my resume but have not received word about posting artwork.  Trust me, after playing it three times a week for most of a year, I can tell you that it IS already an awesome game, and it WILL only get better before it's released!   I'll post some of the characters and other artwork once I get the go ahead...